The International Cooperation and Communication Center is divided into International Cooperation Center and Global Learning Center, whose main responsibilities include:


A. Responsibilities of International Cooperation and Communication Center


(a) Responsible for university internationalization planning and system construction;


(b) Undertake various international cooperation projects and foreign affairs reception at the university level, and guide the International Cooperation and Communication Affairs of schools;


(c) Guide and assist schools in improving the English language proficiency of teachers and students;


(d) Responsible for the international certification, international credit recognition, in-depth academic exchanges of schools to push our curriculum to achieve the international level;


(e) To guide students in overseas study and staff in overseas visits;


(f) Management of foreign teachers in the university;


(g) Responsible for other international cooperation and communication affairs of the university.


B. Major Responsibilities of the new centers”


a. International Cooperation Center


1. Responsible for the foreign communication and cooperation affairs and signing the international cooperation exchange school;


2. Guide and assist the schools to complete the internationalization of the curriculum, assist the schools to form the international credit mutual recognition system;


3. To guide, assist the schools to carry out international exchange visits, short study tours and other international projects;


4. Responsible for the management of foreign teachers in the university, including the introduction of teachers, the entry process, training and related teaching and other communication feedback;


5. Guide and assist students in applying for global postgraduate programs.


b. Global Learning Center


1. Responsible for improving the students' interest in English learning and the CET 4 passing rate;


2. Responsible for the promotion of students’ English communication and English academic ability of international projects;


3. Responsible for upgrading the international teaching level of all teachers.