In May 2010, Xi ' an Eurasia University and the Dukan University of the United States established in-depth cooperation and founded the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE: Centre for Teaching Excellence), the center, together with the Dukan University of the United States, carred out a series of teacher training activities to enhance the teaching level and to do research on teaching laws, making teaching research and teacher training enter a new stage of specialization, high level and sustainable development. CTE provides teachers, teaching departments and supporting staff with new ideas and effective teaching methods to promote the student-centered teaching paradigm into the teaching of the curriculum; encourages and supports academic teaching and teaching research; develops, promotes and supports teaching methods and skills; provides platform and opportunity for continuous teaching discussions, and fosters attention, rewards and innovative academic atmosphere and other services and support.


In 2013, CTE was renamed the Faculty Development Center. The Faculty Development Center of Xi ' an Eurasia University is an independent secondary institution of the university. We increased the hardware investment in the development of teachers, untill September 2016, the whole university can provide faculty development activities with a total 48 training rooms, seminar rooms, recorded classrooms, 4000 square meters. This teacher development place and the teaching place are deeply integrated and are mostly placed in each school.


In addition to faculty training, the Faculty Development Center in the university holds various forms of workshops, flipping classroom learning workshop, excellent teaching workshop, information teaching workshop and other teacher development activities, and gives the whole university teachers teaching diagnosis and consultation, communication and research, and constantly improves the teacher learning information resources platform on various resources and other supports.


In addition to supporting the development of teachers in the university, Eurasia also opens up the mentality of mutual success, widely shares the successful experience, provides services for the education industry, and has been offering special projects training class, special projects training and workshops and so on for the Quanzhou Institute of Technology, Nanning College, Shandong Xiehe College, Xiamen Nanyang College, the New Union College of Henan Normal University and many other colleges and universities.