In order to further promote the reform of university functional departments, to promote the implementation of strategic plan, to improve the brand management functions and to improve brand promotion ability and effectiveness, the principal came to the decision to set up the Brand Communication Department, which is divided to "Cultural and Creative Center", "Brand Management Center", "Marketing Center" and "Fund and Alumni Development Center ".


A. Responsibilities of Cultural and Creative Center


1. Responsible for the campus environment layout and construction software design;


2. Responsible for the construction of cultural products;


3. Responsible for plane and advertising design, including large activities, conference promotional materials, other materials design and production;


4. Responsible for CI management and improvement;


5. Responsible for writing daily routines.


B. Responsibilities of Brand Management Center


1. Responsible for the brand strategy research and evaluation work, promoting the plan and organizing the implementation;


2. Responsible for the brand construction supervision of schools;


3. Responsible for the campus cultural planning and construction work;


4. Lead the large-scale meeting, the activity plan, providing other meetings and activities with guidance on flow, meeting room arrangement and atmosphere creation instruction.    


C. Responsibilities of Marketing Center


1. Responsible for external media environment monitoring and analyzing, establishing, maintaining and managing daily media relations;


2. Responsible for the development of media advertising plan, dealing with media delivery related to the management of funds;


3. Responsible for the network public opinion monitoring and crisis PR, building and maintaining network media relations;


4. Responsible for campus media content management.


D. Responsibilities of Fund and Alumni Development Center


1. Responsible for the planning, management and implementation of the fund-raising and donation projects;


2. Responsible for the construction and management of university alumni service system;


3. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of university alumni relations;


4. Responsible for fund and alumni brand building, management and promotion;


5. Responsible for the planning, development and cooperation of the fund and alumni business.