The Graphic and Information Center integrates the resources of the Library and the Information Department, taking user as the center, integrating resources, technology and service through the transformation of reading mode and the integration of new technology application, informatization and education technology service, and becomes the real and effective information content provider, the digital resource provider, the information communicator and the information literacy trainer. The center strives to become the information sharing service department of teaching, business management and life-long learning through informationization.


A. Organization Ser-up


Graphic and Information Center is divided into four departments: the Reader Services Department, Information Resources Department, Technical Support Department, and Document Management Department respectively.


B. Main responsibilities of departments


a. Reader Service Department


As a window of the image of our culture, the s Reader Service Department serves as an innovative service subject, undertaking all kinds of cultural innovation activities, training and subject services, constructing the cultural propaganda and brand construction of the center, and nurturing the cultural atmosphere, the reading guide and the cultural spirit of the teachers and students.

It is the executor of whole-person education in the university, and also the guide of information literacy education.


1. Responsible for the center's image publicity and planning, verification of all media news communication of the center, writing publicity capacity, new media publicity, brand communication planning and program organization, the planning of external image publicity, design production and publishing management.


2. Responsible for the center brand marketing and cultural promotion, including cultural activities, cultural space transformation; has a keen sense of information and information screening, transformation and integration capabilities, with innovative awareness and enterprising spirit.


3. Responsible for the center's internal business security and external coordination, including basic operations, finance, equipment maintenance, data collection and report filing; responsible for the information construction planning, organization and implementation; responsible for the quality of work and work of subordinate departments and personnel.


4. Responsible for scientific research papers, cultural publications, such as the compilation and publication, associate with the relevant institutions, scientific research units to exchange publications, collect feedback information, improve the work of the magazines; help the author master the national standards related to the publication of magazine editors and improve the writing ability.


b. Department of Information Resources


The Information Resources Department carries out the technology research and development and the system construction through the integrated digital resources, exploring technical application strategies that conforms to the university development and carrying out project research and development. The department unifies the market development with the teacher and student demand, launching the technical application achievement, and widely supporting teaching


1. Responsible for understanding the computer software development, database management and network application knowledge with business need analysis and project management capabilities, understanding the latest trends in information technology, the direction of development sensitivity, strong market research and analysis capabilities, familiar with the procurement of tenders, intellectual property rights and other relevant laws and regulations and with innovative awareness.


2. Responsible for information technology development and research, familiar with data structure, network, multimedia and basic information knowledge; familiar with software engineering, process improvement and software development project management, familiar with operating system, database use and maintenance, skilled in writing design specifications and various development document with a good ability of project process control.


3. Responsible for information technology Research and construction, a deep understanding of information construction, familiar with IT project implementation norms, with strong project management capabilities; has a certain understanding of the latest trends in information technology and development direction; has a strong analytical, understanding ability.


c. Technical Support Department


The Technical Support Department mainly ensures the university’s and the center's technical maintenance and network security; responsible for the data collection, the collation, the analysis and so on, guaranteeing the network operation, the stability and the security and is also responsible for the center project management follow-up and the implementation link.


1. Responsible for the data collection, collation, the overall planning of data utilization; business data analysis, including teaching data analysis; making the competitiveness analysis report; formulating and improving the application system data management plan for the business system construction, maintaining to provide data support to ensure the smooth completion of the system.


2. Responsible for maintaining the application systems, computer rooms, servers as well as the network system operation; providing network, server and other resources planning, implementation, maintenance work for the university construction projects, responsible for the hardware and software infrastructure platform construction planning.


3. Responsible working with the Information and Resource Department to carry out various information project tendering, contract signing; independently responsible for the implementation of various projects; responsible for various types of hardware, network, security and other projects of the construction work. 



d. Department of Document Management


The Department of Document Management is the resource construction department to handle the library resource purchasing, management and to provide the related reading service, in addition to providing book-borrowing, consulting and reading guidance, it also undertakes the work of cultural literacy cultivation, the reading culture guidance, the reader behavior analysis and the cultural reading construction and so on.


1. Responsible for the university culture building, understanding the readers’ demand, responsible for the reading guidance, the cultural aspect of the overall education, the construction of cultural reading habits that conform to the university DNA.


2. Responsible for the professional navigation and scientific research services of schools, cultivating the ability of information consulting, analysis, collation, development and utilization and the ability to build resources for teaching, learning and various majors and professions; forming the bridge of resources and services and shaping the basic functions of the center.


3. Responsible for the discipline development layout and resource need investigation, building convenient operational library management system modules for our teaching development and students’ learning experience with the ability to handle independent projects; having a certain foreign language ability, to handle the division and processing of foreign language resource.