The Admissions and Employment Department is responsible for admissions and employment in accordance with the university’s strategic plan.


1. The admissions office is divided into Planning Department, Marketing Department and Customer Service Department, and is mainly responsible for the issuing and implementation of National Enrollment Plan, all kinds of enrollment market data research and analysis and candidates advisory services.


The use of new media means helps to provide high-quality advisory services for the majority of candidates. We constantly cultivate the recruitment marketing team in the new era, actively expand enrollment channels, strive to do a good job in university brand communication and improve the quality of school students each year.


2. Since its foundation, the Employment Guidance Center is devoted to serving the graduates and employing units for the purpose of implementing the relevant national employment policy, following the principle of fair, open and impartial recommendation for graduates and employers and actively creating conditions to ensure the " two-way choice of supply and demand ".


The center represents the functions of the university in the management, guidance, counseling, education and dispatching of graduates, providing graduates with the national policy, employment situation, personnel information, psychological preparation, job search methods and other aspects of counseling, guidance and services; collecting and publishing the employment information of the graduates, setting up the employment data and information platform for the whole country, expanding the employment channels, inviting and receiving the employing units to recruit graduates, and responsible for introducing our university condition to the employing unit, assisting the employing unit in the organization and arrangement of the recruitment negotiation activity. Prepare graduate employment programs.