The Student Development Office is the competent department of Student Affairs, carrying out the work of ideological education, student behavior guidance, group learning, community activities, student rewards and punishments, mental health education and career education.


The Student Development Office has practiced "student-centred" work ethic to give full play to the function of student affairs education, to pay attention to the individual growth and development of students, to help students to tap their potentials through experiential activities and "non-formal courses". Students ' affairs, together with professional education and general teaching, constitute the system of talent training in Eurasia.


The Student Development Service has 9 departments, including the Student Activities Centre, the Research and Development Centre, the Information Centre and 6 Youth Communities.


The main functions of the departments are as follows:


A. Youth Communities


As the main provider of the middle community education in our talent nurturing system, the youth community gives full play to the educational function of student affairs and devotes to the cultivation of students ' basic accomplishment, including citizen morals, physical and mental health, gratitude and feedback, leadership ability, pluralistic life ability, career planning capability, entrepreneurial ability and communication expression ability.


In the youth community, convenient and quick one-stop service, meticulous and intimate life guidance help students create a new university community life experience; a wide range of community culture and a variety of experiential activities provide a broad platform for the growth and development of students; Content-rich non-formal courses and micro-courses guide the students to actively participate in the learning and using of knowledge.


a. Responsible for the development of basic student services, including archives, certificates, insurance, funding, diversified accommodation services, disciplinary management, community security and emergency response;


b. Responsible for students' basic quality training and education guidance, as well as life counseling, mental health counseling and career planning guidance;


c. Responsible for community caucus work and implementation.


B. Research and Development Centre


a. Responsible for the investigation and analysis of student service needs, as well as the study of student  management concept and practice;


(b) Responsible for the development and implementation of student career planning courses, current situation and policy courses, entrepreneurial courses, and non-formal courses.


C. Student Activities Centre


a. Responsible for guiding the implementation of various student activities;


b. To co-ordinate student activity venues, organize various types of campus cultural activities, and organize student large-scale activities;


c. To organize non-formal curriculum implementation of studnets.


D. Information Center


a. Responsible for the personnel management, financial management, file management and statistical analysis of student data;


b. Responsible for the information management system, media platform maintenance and management work;


c. Responsible for the communication of department and government related affairs;