The Department of Teaching Affairs is under the direct leadership of the Vice President of teaching. The department is responsible for the teaching work of the whole university. Its main responsibilities include teaching research, day-to-day teaching operation, student status examination management and teaching resources management.


The organization is set as follows:


a.  Teaching Research and Development Centre


1. Responsible for the construction planning of the school majors, major set-up and adjustment management, new major research, demonstration and reporting;


2. The establishment of school Talent Training Program principles, organization and supervision of the development of the Talent Training Program;


3. Organization and carry-out of the school curriculum construction work;


4. Responsible for the declaration, approval, inspection, acceptance and other management work of national and provincial undergraduate teaching engineering (quality engineering) and teaching research and reform project;


5. Organization of teaching research work, promotion of the implementation of educational and teaching reform projects, organization of educational teaching seminars and various forms of teaching research and reform experience exchange activities;


6. Responsible for the construction of school teaching quality standards.


b. Teaching Affairs Operation Center


1. Responsible for the implementation of the teaching tasks of the university, teaching order inspection, quality analysis and information feedback;


2. Responsible for the allocation and dispatch of the whole school teaching site resources;


3. Responsible for validation, proofreading, part-time teacher teaching workload checking, teacher performance assessment as well as part-time teacher management, etc.;


4. Responsible for school practice teaching management;


5. Responsible for the construction and management of school textbooks.


c. Registration Examination Center


1. Establish, maintain and manage student status information files;


2. Responsible for students’ performance management, status registration, status treatment review, graduate qualification review, degree accreditation, education background and degree registration, issuing and record-keeping of students’ academic certificate, degree certificate as well as auxiliary major certificate;


3. Organize all kinds of examinations in university, maintain and manage examination files and information;

4. Organize the daily affairs of the Degree Committee.


d. Teaching Resource Information Center


1. Responsible for the effective collection and analysis of the basic information of teaching resources, and providing basic data support for teaching management decision;


2. Responsible for the business planning of teaching informatization, providing teaching information resources and business process optimization plans for teaching reform, and promoting the application of teaching informatization;


3. Carry out talent training and resource matching research and organize evaluation on the effect of teaching informationization application;


4. Responsible for the planning and construction of the teaching site and functional transformation, the provision of facilities and equipment configuration needs and resource optimization program, the establishment of resource application evaluation feedback mechanism and the provision of teaching equipment technical support for teaching;


5. Responsible for the teaching activities of the whole university, multimedia technical service of conferences and training guide for the use of multimedia equipment in various departments;


6. Responsible for the management of university public computer rooms, language laboratories and multimedia classrooms.