The Human Resource Department consists of Shared Service Center and Research Center, among which:


a. Shared Service Center


Is responsible for the administration of human resources in the university, mainly including the following responsibilities:


1. To make and to implement the school annual human resource plans;


2. To develop annual training plan and to implement according to university strategic and departmental needs;


3. Responsible for the teachers’ qualifications, the professional title appraisal and so on;


4. Responsible for the completion of various types of job performance management;


5. Responsible for salary accounting, welfare distribution, social insurance payment and so on;


6. Responsible for employee labor relations management, labor contract management (contract signing, change, labor dispute treatment), employee file management, employee complaint and employee suggestion management;


7. To carry out the cultural construction activities of relevant school organizations;


8. Responsible for the management of human resources information systems;


9. Preparation of departmental financial budget and monitoring of day-to-day implementation;


10. Management and maintenance of office equipment, materials and other assets and other day-to-day administrative services.



b. Research Center



Is mainly responsible for the following duties:


1. Responsible for the university's human resources personalized project design, including human resources planning, quality model building, talent assessment, training system establishment, salary performance management system design and other professional work;


2. Provide HR professional consultation to all departments of the school, assist to complete the formulation and implementation of the solution according to the department's needs.


According to the College Strategic Development requirements, Human Resource Department formulates the human resource strategic planning, transfering from function-oriented to business-oriented, carrying out the business unit operation through the "Troika" management model of the Sharing Service center, Research Center and HRBP business partner to enhance the efficiency of human resources and organize the corresponding human capital management work.


Human Resource Department is committed to become a human resources business partner to ensure the business-oriented model to promote management change; to provide technical support for business management personnel relying on human resources expertise; to become the service sharer of college management through providing standardized process services to meet management needs.


At the same time, HR Department focuses on the establishment of learning-oriented organizations, assists the college organizational culture construction and promotes the college brand building and cultural construction activities to provide organizational protection for the heritage of the core values of the college and policy landing.