According to the needs of school strategic development and in order to further promote the reform of the school functional departments, the principal office decided to adjust the construction of financial department by establishing the three departments, including "Strategic Finance Center", "Business Finance Center" "Shared Finance Center".


A. major responsibilities of different organizations


a. Strategic Finance Center


1. Responsible for the management of financing channels, actively exploring financial markets, establishing a diversified financing channels and establishing and maintaining good cooperation with financial organizations;


2. Responsible for internal financing management, reasonable dispatch of funds, arrangement of internal use of funds, supervision and optimization of the use of funds to ensure the safety of funds, improvement of the use of funds, as well as the development of related systems and processes;


3. Responsible for the establishment of the budget management system and organizations, audit of budgets, analysis and feedback on the implementation of departmental budget, as well as development of related systems and processes;


4. Responsible for the development of school investment projects analysis and project planning proposal.


b. Business Finance Center


1. Responsible for the financial forecast and risk analysis of the school operating condition;


2. Responsible for analysis and feedback of all kinds of special funds and proposing the improvement measures and suggestions of cost optimization;


3. Responsible for the management of fixed assets, and analysis and evaluation of the utilization efficiency of assets;


4. Responsible for the internal and external financial information, data collection and collation and completing the analysis report based on independent projects;


5. Responsible for providing all kinds of special financial analysis support for secondary departments.


c. Shared Finance Center


1. Responsible for the establishment of the systems and processes of school accounting, cash management, charge management and card management;


2. Responsible for the duties of accounting, daily cash, bank receipts and payments business and the preparation of accounting statements and financial reports;


3. Responsible for the administration of tax matters of the university;     


4. Responsible for the accounting vouchers bookbinding, collation and transfer of  work;


5. Responsible of school charge management;


6. Responsible for the university staff and students card management and university card accounting management.