The school office is guided by the mission of "strategic partners, administrative experts, leadership Assistant", adhering to the "dedicated and professional" concept, the implementation of the "service, coordination, supervision, contact" responsibility, learning to introduce modern business ideas and models, to promote administrative support services and business innovation and the implementation of conventional workflow, focusing on indicators of management and efforts to build a lean, efficient and professional office team.


   The school office consists of 4 centres:


(a)       Performance Centre.


Mainly responsible for the preparation of the school's annual strategic themes and work points, the organization of the annual performance, work plans, the implementation of supervision and summary evaluation of schools and secondary units, the regular organization of the principal office, overseeing the implementation of the Conference resolution.


(b)    Service centre.

Mainly responsible for the development of the system, standard and process of reception service. To coordinate and organize school-level visits, studies and inspections, to arrange school-level leadership activities and related services, to co-ordinate school resources, the use of resources for all kinds of large-scale activities in the school, to handle complaint calls, letters, online messages, reception letters and visits and to formulate and supervise the implementation of school duty system.

                (c) Administrative centre.

    Mainly responsible for collecting, collating and summarizing the annual construction plan of each department system and supervising, inspecting and evaluating the performance regularly, making the university-level red tape, and receiving, processing and supervising the communication, incoming calls and faxes of the relevant departments of the higher authorities; to draft special reports and lead speeches, to compile school memorabilia, school records and yearbook, and be responsible for the daily management of school seal and the coordination and management of Legal Counsel team.


          (d) Archives Centre.

     Mainly responsible for the organization of the professional training of full/part-time staff, collecting, sorting, classifying, appraising, keeping records of all kinds of archives and related files, organizing and implementing the information construction of archives and filing of electronic documents, and providing statistical data for each unit by filling out the basic statistics report of higher education and managing school-level qualification certificates.