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【International cooperation】International Education Week– Encounters with overseas university
2019.03.27International Cooperation and Communication Center

Since 18 March, 2019, International Office has invited around 10 overseas universities to visit our school, and that’s what we called “International Education Week”. From liaising with overseas schools to coordinating the visiting time, from the confirmation of itinerary details to the arrangement of the universities’ briefing, International office has done a very good pre-preparation and paving work for the smooth start of the event.


The first overseas university came to Eurasia was the University of Central Queensland, Australia. Firstly, one of the representatives of International Office gave CQ delegates a campus tour, and then had the seminar at Bird nest conference room, administration center. The main contents of the meeting included: First, retrospect and prospect of China-Australia class at present; Second, how to introduce and cooperate bilingual teaching/classroom in the future; Third, PHD advanced courses for Eurasian faculties. Last, potential establishment of 2019 China-Australia international class.

On the morning of March 18, University of Coventry, UK, as the second university visited has gone through the regular campus tour and Eurasia internationalization presentation as usual, the core contents of the symposium focused on how to consolidate the progress of inter-school cooperation at this stage, as well as expand the potential for future cooperation.

That afternoon, International office as the host, welcome the guests from The Northern Consortium UK (NCUK). And six of them has attended International Education Week, including Leeds University which was ranked as one of the world's top one hundred. International office has arranged a grand opening ceremony and also invited President Liu Jin to make an opening statement. Subsequently, some academic representatives went to the administration center for meetings, while another part of the school representatives stayed in Library to hold a students’ conference.

A delegate of University of Technology Sydney, Australia visited us on the morning of March 21. UTS have discussed the online and offline bilingual co-courses, especially with the Institute of Human Settlement and Civil Engineering, besides, they also mentioned the possible PHD program that might be carried out in the near future. Even the interscholastic cooperation needs to be processed step by step, but it is worthwhile to be expected.

International Office has also invited Macquarie University, Australia, to join “International Education Week” on the afternoon of March 21. Two sides can cooperate in the exchange of teachers and students, but before proceeding the programs they have negotiated, Harry Sun, a representative of Macquarie University will coordinate with relevant departments who responsible for international affairs firstly.


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