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"Freshman Admission" Holding hands with Eurasia, Fulfilling Dreams - Professor Liu Jin, President of Eurasia University, 2019 Opening Ceremony Speech
2019.09.12International Cooperation and Communication Center

To dear students, teachers, and parents from Grade 2019,


Good morning, everyone! Freshmen from grade 2019 have joined us this autumn. Thanks to your presence, our campus could be beautiful, vibrant, and full of warmth and joy. Today, we are here to hold the opening ceremony for all our new arrivers. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I hereby express the warmest welcome and the most heartfelt congratulations to all my dearest students.


The graduation ceremony in June and the opening ceremony in September are two of the most significant large-scale ceremonies in Eurasia. The graduation ceremony is to send graduates to the community who have completed their studies, and the opening ceremony is the beginning of a journey to welcome new students.


In Eurasia, the two ceremonies have more special meanings, the opening ceremony symbolizes "start from here" and the graduation ceremony symbolizes "go everywhere". Both ceremonies, for students, mean a new journey in life from here, and for faculty and staff, it means the responsibility and the beauty of education.


High-quality living experience


I believe that when you first came to Eurasia, you were attracted by the beautiful architecture and campus here. Eye-opening greening, landmark library, humanized landscape design, bring you the most direct visual impact. With more in-depth learning and life, the campus of world-class teaching places, apartment seating rooms, dedicated building for students’ learning and communication, coffee shops and automatic printers are everywhere, which will also give you an unusual experience.


If you are still marveling at the opening of Luckin Coffee and 7-Eleven (initial on-campus stores within the Northwestern region), then think about KFC and MU.BREAD. In the next 5 years, the school will also introduce more high-quality brand stores into our university, besides, we will upgrade the environment and facilities, including the world-class construction of student apartments and indoor basketball stadium, swimming pool, catering and other campus complex.


 (Figure 2) The Library


What we have been doing here is to meet the teachers’ and students’ diverse needs, so that everyone feels it is convenient, comfortable to live in. But more importantly, we hope that through these efforts, teachers and students may feel a spirit of pursuing beauty and quality. We believe that a high-quality life experience is a part of an excellent education. In Eurasia, we believe that "education is life" and to bring beauty and high-quality life experiences to all of you, and these new experiences will affect your life in a long term.


Personalized learning experience


Education and teaching are the foundations of one university. In addition to elegance, comfortable living environment, Eurasia is the students' "dream factory." Whether you choose to be employed right away or continue to study, either domestic or abroad, Eurasia can provide students with strong resource support and a good teaching environment and with personalized learning needs, to help you find yourself, and to achieve what you want.


With the in-depth practice of the reform of "student-centered" education and teaching, and this new international perspective, we will constantly adjust curriculum contents and comprehensively promote the reform and reconstruction of curriculum system; we will re-examine the training objectives, design the curriculum structure, match the curriculum contents and improve the curriculum evaluation system which is based on international educational standards. Quality is the core of Eurasia educational concept, and the curriculum reform reflects the unremitting pursuit of high-quality education services, as well as the forward-looking changes in future society and job market. We believe that the reform of curriculum system in line with the needs of the times is the prerequisite for high-quality education services and the key guarantee for high-level employment of graduates.


As the leader of domestic applied undergraduate education, Eurasia has been exploring the integration of "theory" and "practice" in the reform of education for more than 20 years. Throughout the faculty, we are proud to say that there are a large number of mentors from the industry with rich practical experience, they not only participate in the top-level design of talent training programs, but also go deep into the teaching field to achieve the connection of the "last kilometer" of school and society, professional tasks and vocational tasks, knowledge and application. We believe that the core competitiveness of Eurasia graduates is reflected not only in the cutting-edge theoretical vision, but also in the application and practical ability.


According to Betty Risk's curriculum theory, higher education includes formal and informal courses, and informal courses are tending to determine the success of education to a greater extent. Therefore, Eurasia has set up a special "Wednesday No Class Day", every Wednesday afternoon, students will not be obliged to attend any classes, and it aims to help students to participate in a variety of community activities, and to achieve comprehensive self-development. We believe that every corner of our campus is a classroom, learning can be anytime, anywhere. Therefore, I would rather you actively explore and discover than passively accept knowledge.


 (Figure 3) Modeling Studio of EAAD School of Art and Design


If you are attracted by our campus, then I hope you carefully appreciate the design of campus education space. Each building in Eurasia has fully taken teaching activities and learning needs into account. The space renovation construction of Design and Media Experimental Center, School of Information Engineering and School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering are promoting the teaching transformation of the secondary schools. We believe that our university buildings should not be cold. A good educational space will guarantee the application of disciplines, will ensure the students to emerge, and enable the education to flourish.


In addition to the strictness of educational space design, the individualization of Eurasia education is also reflected in the concern of teachers' teaching ability. In 2010, Eurasia University collaborated with Duquesne University, USA to launch Excellent Teaching Center and carried out a student-centered teaching paradigm reform. Through a decade of continuous practice and promotion, most teachers in our university have basically mastered a series of learning-effectiveness-oriented teaching methods, such as flipping classrooms, project-oriented, seminar-based and interactive technique. What is more gratifying is that in recent years, Eurasia has made remarkable achievements in educational information field, most procedures of teaching and learning can be achieved on mobile phone, Last year, our university was also rated as the excellent pilot model example among educational information demonstration organization units throughout the country. We believe that knowledge has no boundaries, and universities have no walls. Good educational resources and achievements are providing convenience and access to every personalized learners.


Unique international educational experience


In addition to "application" and "new experience", another key word in Eurasia is "internationalization". With years of cultivation and construction, 70% of the education and teaching space in Eurasia has reached international standards, and many teachers with overseas study background have come back and joined us. They said that the working and learning environment here is basically no different from that of foreign countries. At the same time, our secondary colleges have established cooperation and kept a harmonious relationship with colleges from United States, Britain, Canada, France, Singapore etc., Some students have already participated in Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, some of them can speak English, French with their foreign teachers. Every year, more than 300 students have been granted the opportunity to go abroad for further study and communication.


(Figure 4) Foreign partners participating in cross-cultural summer camps


Global Learning Center was kicked off in 2017, its purpose was to provide completely global and multi-category English education programs and courses which could meet the multi-level learning needs of students. The unique curriculum content, admission model and scholarship allocation of international business school make international education no longer out of reach. As long as you are good enough, Eurasia will build a bridge to the world in time.


Eurasia University locates in Xi'an, and we embrace the world as well. We believe that the continued processing of internationalization strategy will enable the achievements of international educational exchanges and cooperation to truly benefit all teachers and students, to cultivate characters, thinking patterns, good communication, and to foster our students to be global citizens with an international vision, an innovative spirit and strong practical ability.




Our founder and chairman Professor Hu Jianbo has mentioned in his graduation speech Meet the beauty of education this year: "In the hearts of everyone from Eurasia: cooperation is more important than competition, devotion is more important than gains, experience is more important than fame, caring is more important than training, slow speed development is more important than fast one, dedication is more important than makeshift."

Today, I would also like to share the above quota with the new arrivers. Hopefully, Eurasia students can cooperate with each other, know how to contribute to the society, how to pay attention to experience and self-growth, and at the same time to learn to care for others and to carefully treat each task.


I sincerely hope Eurasia is a place where your youth can be fully lit up, and the education of Eurasia can realize every student’s dream.

(Figure 5) Dream flying Opening Ceremony for Grade 2019 students


At last, again, I would like to express my warmest welcome for your coming! Thanks!

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