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The Graduation Season - Meet the Fragrant of Education –The Speech of Professor Hu Jianbo at the Graduation Ceremony of 2019
2019.06.23International Cooperation and Communication Center

 (Figure 1) President and Professor Hu Jianbo gives speech at the graduation ceremony of 2019


To dear graduates, parents, alumni, faculty, and our students:


Good morning


To begin with, I would like to send the warmest congratulations for your achievement in study and research. Together with the welcome to your parents, thanks for your presence, our graduates’ hearts are filled with love today. And I would like to pay my homage to our faculties, it’s your generous hard-working spirit that harvested the achievement we’ve made today.


For this year, I am no longer the president. Ms Liu Jin should be here to give this speech, however, she suggested me to do the speech, and she said “it’s everyone’s expectation that I should be here, so here I am.” (Applause)


 (Figure 2) the Graduation Ceremony of 2019


Changing Eurasia


During your school days, various changes have taken place on our campus, for instance, the designation and experiment centre, new science building and the west gate were opened sequentially. As it is said by many that “school renovation begins right after graduation.” This is a sad story (laughter). More tragically, another round of renovation starts once freshmen step in, and it might last until after their graduation (laughter).


Let’s put away the joke, I may say sorry to our students here. Over the past years, the west buildings were under construction for a long time, and brought you a huge amount of inconvenience. But I believe, you will generously forgive these lapses, for the essence of education, is to make the next generation live better.


One more change has happened this year: with the endeavour of my team, Shaanxi Provincial Admissions Committee has accepted our suggestion that the enrolment of Tier 2 and 3 students has been merged. Thus, you are upgraded from a so-called “Tier 3 university” (when you were enrolled) to a “Tier 2 university” (when you graduate). And in the near future, we will have the chance to become Tier 1. (laughter), To be honest, we are not settled here, instead, we care about the equality of education, and we are creating the “Eurasia module”, and the starting point of this idea is quite simple, to improve the quality of student’s study and life,

To improve your living quality, we have adjusted the first lecture from 8 to 9am for many of you, so that you can make good use of time, to exercise or study, though some of you wakes up as late as 8 o’clock every day. This controversial time schedule has always been discussed, but still, we would hold on to the plan, for our faculties don't have to suffer the morning rush to send their children to school. Furthermore, I am not an “early bird “as well. (Laughter)


Ever since 2016, our tuition has gone up. Lucky for you, that you just missed it, the tuition was consistent. Frankly speaking, it is because of the national regulation rather than our generosity. (Laughter). I believe that everyone here loves your alma mater, and will keep supporting us financially, to offset your guilt for not paying more tuition. (Laughter), and I will take your applause as your promise. (Laughter)


Great feeling that cannot be spoken.


A few days ago, I attended the end-of-semester presentation of School of Humanity Education. Our faculties, experts who sat under stage were all moved with tears in their eyes since our students were not merely presenting like androids. They performed with the instrument and melodious movements of body which expressed the confidence and recognition of our future work. The natural combination of study and life, has illustrated the quote from John Dewey that “The purpose of education is not to prepare you for a future life, it is life itself.” 


      (Figure 3) The end-of-semester performance of school of Humanity Education


It is the willingness of a bunch of our teachers, that they would like to patiently lead our students to discover themselves, to explore the unknown, to garden our garden, that is why our students would be able to show their vigor of life. 


Everyone that has ever been here share the same feelings that the ways Eurasia is doing things are outstanding and distinct in the field of education, but hard to tell exactly. But education might be a consensus for us to be exquisite, low-key and unique. This, might be a good education method to us, somewhat like “happiness”, the feeling that cannot be spoken.


For each of us, cooperation outweigh competition; dedication outweigh acquisition, experience outweigh honours; growth outweigh success; love outweigh training; elegance outweigh makeshift.


Education means instruction and discovery.


Our goal of education should have to do with every student’s self-development. There are two graduates who can be set as the profile of the process of growth for many students.


Chen Meng, who graduated from School of Logistic and Commerce, comes from countryside of An kang. As he said, when he decided to quit study, our teachers told him that “No students should give up study for financial shortage, as it would be reasonably regulated by the policy of our university and our nation”


With the assistance of our school, he stayed, and later won National Encouragement Scholarship for the following three years, and he took every opportunity to support himself by doing part-time jobs. Last year, he had an internship at a Chinese-owned logistic company at Burma. He was facing the challenges, such as communication, logistic, and the maintenance of social medias, etc. “Eurasia taught me to be responsible and to face the problems and solve them, no matter how hard they are. “He said.


In July, he will set off for an international enterprise in Nigeria. The HR manager of recruitment told him that, “You are not the one who have the best educational background, but what we care the most is your working attitude and adjustment ability.”


In May, I took part in the graduation exhibition of EAAD designation school, The jury reward was named after me, and the art-work Nv Er Guo Xu Shi Xing Jing Guan was rewarded due to the following reasons, excellent creativity, deep observation, exquisite produce. One of the designers is Zheng Xuechun, she told me about her story.


    Four years ago, when she just entered Eurasia, our university was not as famous as nowadays, her family did not show their approval of her choice. About a year ago, she was a little bit frustrated. But she did not stop studying hard, soon she realized, the curriculum run by EAAD School of Arts and Design is beyond her expectation, speaking of extra curriculum activities, she started to learn photography, editing, argumentation test, she was gaining knowledge and fulfilling herself every day.


She joined in “The Project of Travelling Growth “with EAAD to Taiwan. She would like to see the world, and know many people with different background. When she was a junior student, Zheng Xuechun came up with the idea to study abroad. Teachers from EAAD provided assistance to her English study, tutored her to finish the application documents of oversea study and the portfolio. In this March, she smoothly received offers from a couple of British universities’.


Xuechun told me, “I am lucky to have such wonderful teachers to help me to find ego. I finally meet the beauty of education at here.

 (Figure 4) Xi’an Eurasia graduation Degree authorization ceremony


 Chen Meng and Xuechun, I appreciate you to give me this opportunity to share my story, I have learnt so much from here, and my horizon was expanded and I re-think the question of “quality education”. The president Yang Dongping of 21st Century Education Research Institute, said: "Good education is not for a few key schools, not for upper-level status, conscientious education is for the majority, and it can enhance the well-being of individuals and communities; Good education can cultivate learners with self-development ability and entrepreneurial spirit.”


Start here, go everywhere!


 In 2010, my graduation speech was entitled "Build Your Garden". Today's Eurasia is a vibrant garden, owning her unique colors and fragrance. Teachers and students growing with Eurasia, like gardeners and bees, they gathered here, worked together to harvest honey. Today, you, who are leaving this garden, will also take the Eurasia temperament and buds, and serve the community, to realize your dreams, and sow hope. You are looking forward to the outside of the world, and the world is looking forward to your arrival! (Applause)


 (Figure 5) Start here, go everywhere!


Before saying goodbye, I would like to share you with one quota, “Start here, go everywhere”.(applause and cheering noises)

Goodbye, students!